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art for film

Much of my career has been aimed toward integrating my passions for both art and film. So, it's not surprising that these interests led me to matte painting and teaching this unique fusion of art and film. 

shrek 2 matte paintings

A small selection of digital matte paintings done for Shrek 2 during my employment and DreamWorks/PDI. 

fern Gully 2 color keys

Color Keys are like style guides for the background art in an animated feature film. I worked closely with director Phil Robinson at Wild Brain animation studio in San Francisco to produce this selection of color keys for Fern Gully 2. These were all painted by hand with gouache (opaque watercolor) on board. However, when I saw my colleagues producing the same quality at twice the speed in Photoshop, that's when I switched to working digitally.


San Francisco Academy of Art University's Studio 400A is a special workshop in the VFX and Animation Department. It's where students get the opportunity to work on professional feature films as student interns alongside their instructors. As the matte painting instructor, I lent my skills to The Architect starring Eric McCormack and Parker Posey,  and The Boatbuilder starring Christopher Lloyd.

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