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Bedrick Studios offers a variety of creative services in the film, television, music, games, live events, and print industries. Almost no project is too large or too small. Please feel free to inquire for a no-obligation quote on any visual design work that you may need. 


Original digital illustration in any style from cartoon to photographic for any use including concept art in film and games, print publications, merchandise, etc. 


Clean, elegant graphics and logos for businesses of any size. 


Take your brand image to the next level with an animated logo, or hire an award-winning VFX artist to create spectacular effects for your film or TV production. Specialties include matte painting, on-site projection mapping, animated logos, and much more. 


Need a video to promote your brand, to educate your staff, or to entertain your audience? Bedrick Studios shoots and edits short videos for music, funding campaigns, education, and brand promotion. 


Still photography for on-location shoots. 


Art directors may wear many different hats. They are responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and coordinate the work of other artistic or design staff, such as graphic designers. Depending on the scale and nature of a creative project, an art director may take a hands-on approach or delegate by hiring and supervising assistant artists and designers to complete the work. 

Education & consultation

Bedrick Studios offers live and online education in a variety of visual arts disciplines including painting, illustration, graphic design, digital illustration, and motion graphics. Education services also include complete authoring, editing, and production of original course content in virtually any subject for schools, companies, and groups. 

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