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When the Rain Sets In

I'm pleased to announce my role as Visual Effects Artist on James Hughes' upcoming romantic drama film, "When the Rain Sets In." This follows up my work with Mr. Hughes on his multiple award-winning film, "The Velvet Abstract."

A young woman contests her relationship with her boyfriend as their love story unwinds to punctuate their rain.

Swept up in a six-month romance, Kenzie and Treyden, an American couple in their mid-twenties, have skidded to a defining crossroads. One that has led each of them to contemplate the journey ahead. While Treyden gazes at the rainbow, Kenzie is melancholic in the rain.

Isolated in the soft glow of a quiet beer garden at night, they discuss their conflicting decisions that have led to this pivotal moment. As they do, fragments of their romance unwind to punctuate their poignant conversation. Caught up in this reflection, the star-crossed lovers feel the impact of when the rain sets in.

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